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Thanks for sharing this. I’d love more recommendations for kids/teens.

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Love this, thank you for sharing! My older boys love podcasts, we listen to a bit every bedtime and we’ve been on the hunt for a new one. Downloading some of these episodes now :)

If anyone else is looking for fun children’s podcasts, my boys (ages 5.5 & 4) love Spotifys original Deep Blue Sea series (we’ve listened multiple times!) and Gardenkeeper Gus is adorable. Shout out to Storytime w Philip & Mommy too.

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I have never heard of this podcast, but it reminds me that when I was a kid and they used to have that "Afternoon Special" air after school every day or every week, I used to wish that they would have each story set in a different country with kids from that country and problems that children in that culture would encounter. We'd learn a little about the country (and a map of the world would figure into it), a little about other world problems (or joys, or ways to have fun), maybe some words in that language, and maybe even see different forms of dress or housing. I never got out a letter to the people behind it! But this podcast concerns me a little bit, becuase altho I am not Anti-Feminist, every story that she mentioned had the main male character or King turned into a female character! It was getting repetitive! I hope there were SOME male characters left in authority or doing heroic deeds! Because it's not just girls listening, right? Little boys need male heroes to emulate and good male figures in authority to look up to, too......tell me there are some tales left intact...?

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